A-team at Goldschmidt 2017

Three of the research group (Anouk Borst, Nicky Horsburgh and Adrian Finch) attended the Goldschmidt 2017 conference in Paris. Goldschmidt is the world’s largest geochemistry conference. We gave three presentations on topics as disparate as x-ray absorption clays, luminescence in minerals and rift evolution in the Gardar.

The Spatio-Temporal Evolution of Gardar Rift Magmatism: Hf Isotopic Clues to Archean Crustal Recycling
Finch A, Borst A, Hutchison W, Horsburgh N, Andersen T & Simonsen S
REE Enrichment Processes in the Ambohimirahavavy Complex Ion Adsorption Deposit, Madagascar Using Y-Nd µ-XANES Spectroscopy
Nason P, Smith M, Finch A, Borst A, Estrade G & Marquis E
Identification of REE Minerals Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Horsburgh N & Finch A



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