Christmas / New Year Conferences

It’s not long to Christmas and the A-team are presenting at several important conferences over the Christmas –  New Year period. A list of the presenters, conferences and topics are given below. Where the abstract is published, please find a hyperlink to it.

Magma reservoir architecture and dynamics – Theo Murphy meeting
Monday 27 – Tuesday 28 November 2017
Royal Society at Chicheley Hall

Will Hutchison and Adrian Finch (invited) – Architecture and Dynamics of Peralkaline Magmatic Systems from Plutons in Greenland.

American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, New Orleans 11-15th December 2017

Will Hutchison (invited talk) – The origin and evolution of silicic magmas during continental rifting: new constraints from trace elements and oxygen isotopes from Ethiopian volcanoes.

Will Hutchison (talk) – Unravelling the sulphur isotope systematics of an alkaline magmatic province: implications for REE mineralization and exploration.


Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group 2018 (Leeds University)

Will Hutchison – New geophysical and geochemical constraints on Ethiopia’s restless rift volcanoes.

Andrew Whyte – Isotopic and field evidence for the crustal interaction of alkaline rift magmatism in the Gardar Province, South Greenland

Kris Sokol – Alkaline magmas in collision zone settings: Age and petrogenesis of the Tezhsar Alkaline Complex, Armenia


Mineral Deposits Studies Group 2018 (Brighton)

Adrian Finch – Mid-Proterozoic Crustal Recycling and Rare Element Deposits in the Gardar Province, S Greenland

Anouk Borst – The structural state of Y and Nd in eudialyte and related REE minerals using X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Nicky Horsburgh –  Luminescence as a tool for Smart Sorting of Ore


Nordic Winter Geological Meeting (DTU Copenhagen)

10-12 January

Anouk Borst – Probing the structural state of Y and Nd in eudialyte and related REE minerals using X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Adrian Finch – The Spatio-Temporal Evolution of Hf isotopes in the Gardar: Evidence for Mid-Proterozoic Crustal Recycling?

Mathijs van de Ven – Trace element and Nd-isotope data of eudialyte from the Kakortokite sequence of the Ilímaussaq complex suggest subsolidus remobilization of rare earth elements by magmatic fluids


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