A-team activities, First Quarter of 2018

It has been a busy quarter for the research group with seven new publications, 12 conference presentations, two keynotes, outreach and an invitation to the Houses of Parliament. Our activities have included:


Hutchison, W, Mather, TA, Pyle, DM, Boyce, AJ, Gleeson, MLM, Yirgu, G, Blundy, JD, Ferguson, DJ, Vye-Brown, C, Millar, IL, Sims, KWW & Finch, AA 2018, ‘The evolution of magma during continental rifting: new constraints from the isotopic and trace element signatures of silicic magmas from Ethiopian volcanoes’ Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol 489, pp. 203-218. DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2018.02.027

Sokół, K., Halama, R., Meliksetian, Kh., Savov,. I.P., Navasardyan, G., Sudo, M. (2018) Alkaline magmas in collision zone settings: The Tezhsar volcano-intrusive ring complex, Armenia. Lithos. to be submitted in March.

Borst AM, Friis H, Waight TD, Nielsen TFD (2018) Bulk and mush melt evolution in agpaitic systems: Insights from compositional variations in eudialyte-group minerals of the Ilímaussaq complex, South Greenland, Journal of Petrology, in press.

Cui, M., Zhang, Z., Wang, Y., Finch, A.A. & Townsend, P. D. (2018) Temperature dependence of bulk luminescence from ZnO. Luminescence, early view.

Cole, C.Finch, A. A.Hintz, C., Hintz, K. & Allison, N. (2018) Effects of seawater pCO2 and temperature on calcification and productivity in the coral genus Porites spp.: an exploration of potential interaction mechanisms. Coral Reefs. First Online11 p.

Elliott, H. A. L., Wall, F., Chakhmouradian, A. R., Siegfried, P. R., Dahlgren, S., Weatherley, S., Finch, A. A., Marks, M. A. W., Dowman, E. & Deady, E. (2018) Fenites associated with carbonatite complexes: a review. Ore Geology Reviews. 93, p. 38-59.

Townsend, P. D., Finch, A. A., Maghrabi, M., Ramachandran, V., Vázquez, G. V., Wang, Y. & White, D. R. (2017) Spectral changes and wavelength dependent thermoluminescence of rare earth ions after X-ray irradiation. Journal of Luminescence, 192, p. 574-581.

Presentations and Outreach Activities

Anouk Borst and Adrian Finch chaired a session on the resources in peralkaline igneous rocks at the Nordic Winter Geological Meeting at the Danish Technical University (DTU) in Copenhagen in 11-12 Jan 2018. They also gave oral presentations, including a keynote by Adrian entitled “The Spatio-Temporal Evolution of Hf isotopes in the Gardar: Evidence for Mid-Proterozoic Crustal Recycling?” and an oral by Anouk entitled “Probing the Structural State of Y and Nd in Eudialyte using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy“. There was also a presentation by Mathijs van de Ven, who was a student from the Free University of Amsterdam, who had worked with us on “Hydrothermal remobilization of high field-strength elements in eudialyte from Ilímaussaq, Greenland“.

Nicky Horsburgh represented St Andrews at the SoS MinErals policy meeting at the Houses of Parliament. The session was hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group on International Mining and was held in the Jubilee Room of the Houses of Parliament on the 1 Mar 2018. Unfortunately because of the extreme weather, Nicky was unable to attend in person because of the bad weather but her science was presented on her behalf by SoS Rare PI Frances Wall.

Nicky Horsburgh, Anouk Borst and Adrian Finch attended the Mineral Deposits Study Group (MDSG) conference in Brighton in 4-6 Jan 2018, each giving an oral presentation. Anouk spoke about her research using XAFS “The structural state of Y and Nd in eudialyte and related REE minerals using X-ray absorption spectroscopy“, Nicky presented on “Luminescence as a tool for Smart Sorting of Ore” and Adrian on “Mid-Proterozoic Crustal Recycling and Rare Element Deposits in the Gardar Province, S Greenland“.

MDSG 2018 Photo 1
Anouk discussing the structural state of Rare Earth Elements in Eudialyte at MDSG 2018.

Kris Sokol, Will Hutchison and Andrew Whyte attended the Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group (VMSG) meeting in Leeds 4-6 Jan 2018, at which Will gave a keynote and received the Willy Aspinall Prize and his keynote was entitled “New geophysical and geochemical constraints on the plumbing of Ethiopia’s restless rift volcanoes“. Kris’s talk was entitled “Alkaline magmas in collision zone settings: Age and petrogenesis of the Tezhsar Alkaline Complex, Armenia” and Andrew presented a poster on volatiles associated with alkaline magmatism “Isotopic and field evidence for the crustal interaction of alkaline rift magmatism in the Gardar Province, S Greenland“.

Will Hutchison attended the HiTech AlkCarb workshop at Brno in the Czech republic representing the St Andrews group. He presented two talks: “New geophysical and geochemical constraints on the shallow plumbing of peralkaline volcanoes in Ethiopia” andUnravelling the sulphur isotope systematics of an alkaline magmatic province: implications for REE mineralization and exploration”.

Adrian Finch and Will Hutchison will contribute to the HiTech AlkCarb workshop in Namibia in April 2018.

Nicky Horsburgh has an oral presentation at the Geochemistry Research in Progress meeting at St Andrews 28 Mar 2018. Adrian Finch will present two posters at the same conference.

You can follow Nicky Horsburgh who has also been tweeting on her activities.

Finally PhD student Angel Nyirenda at the Rhodes University in South Africa recently completed his PhD. He worked with the St Andrews group via a long-standing collaboration between St Andrews and supervisor Professor Makaiko Chithambo. Many of his data were collected at St Andrews on the RLTLCL system. Congratulations to Dr Nyirenda.

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