A-team Activities Final Quarter of 2018

It has been another busy and successful time for members of our Research Group which has included two published papers, an award of a facilities grant, two published abstracts and, of course, the Research Group Christmas Dinner.


Borst AM, Waight TE, Finch AA, Storey M, le Roux PJ (2018) Dating agpaitic rocks: A multi-system(U/Pb, Sm/Nd, Rb/Sr and 40Ar/39Ar) isotopic study of layered nepheline syenites from the Ilímaussaq complex, Greenland. Lithos, 324-325, 74-88.

Finch AA, Wang Y, Townsend PD, Ingle M (2019) “A High Sensitivity System for Luminescence Measurement of Materials”, Luminescence, in press.

Published Abstracts

AA Finch, AM Borst, W Hutchison, NJ Horsburgh, Tom Andersen & SL Simonsen (2018) Mid-Proterozoic crustal recycling and rare element deposits in the Gardar
Province, S Greenland.  Applied Earth Science, 127, 60-61.

Grant Applications and Awards

Finch AA, Heard H, Dawson D (2018) “High-Field 11B NMR Investigation of Boron Speciation in Corals”, successful application to the 850 MHz National NMR Facility, University of Warwick, UK.

Beard C, Finch AA et al. (2018) “The source of critical-element mineralisation in alkaline-silicate and carbonatite systems”, application to the NERC National Isotope facility.

Adrian is part of a team working on a NERC-funded project entitled “Trace element and isotope partitioning in carbonates in simulated biological environments” being led by St Andrews academic Dr Nicola Allison, along with colleagues at the Universities of York and Glasgow. Two post-doctoral researchers have been appointed.

Presentations and Outreach Activities

University Photography Festival November 2018

Photographs from our research activities were included in a University photographic arts festival held at the Byre Theatre in St Andrews. It involved photographs taken from research activities across the University, and only four were taken from the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences. Two of these were from our research activity.

Nicky Horsburgh eyeing up carbonatite at Mountain Pass, California.

Other Activities

Congratulations to PhD student Josh Hughes (enrolled on an Iapetus studentship between Durham and St Andrews Universities) who married his partner Jenika Patel in Woberley Cheshire.

And last but not least… The A-team Christmas Party 2018 in the Central Bar in St Andrews. We also said good by to colleague Dr Jonathan Cloutier who is moving on to a new position in Tasmania.

A-team Christmas Lunch 2019. Left to Right: Kris Sokol, Will Hutchison, Anouk Borst, Nicky Horsburgh, Adrian Finch

Tweets and Websites by Group members

You can follow Nicky Horsburgh who has also been tweeting on her activities including SEG2018 and the visit to Mountain Pass.


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