Resources in Carbonatite and peralkaline rocks: Everything you wanted to know but were too shy to ask

Adrian Finch and Frances Wall (partners in the SoS RARE and HiTech AlkCarb consortia) are presenting a short course to this years SGA 2019 conference in Glasgow.

Many critical resources, including Nb, Rare Earths, Hf, are hosted in carbonatite and other alkaline and peralkaline rocks. This one and a half-day course provides a background in the geology and evolution of these unusual rocks, explaining their petrogenesis and how the resources within them are formed. We review the hydrothermal replacement of the original mineralogy and briefly the routes for metallurgy. The course is focussed on the needs of exploration professionals and investors interested in these unusual resources. It will come before the start of SGA, allowing participants to move seamlessly into the programme of the conference itself.



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