Research Presentation on the Younger Giant Dykes of Greenland

The student group from St Andrews who were in Southern Greenland in 2019 have given an presentation on their work and the implications for magmatism in the Gardar province of South Greenland. The talk was given to the Edinburgh Geological Society by Alasdair Murphy, Lot Koopmans, Lucy Mathieson, Rob Webster and Rory Changleng on 12 Nov 2020.

The talk looks at their fieldwork on the Younger Giant Dyke Complex and what can be learned about magma flow and crystallisation in one of the Gardar’s most voluminous magmatic systems. In a collaboration with Dr Will McCarthy of St Andrews, the group have been looking at rock magnetics to determine whether the chamber filled as a single event and how magma flow and crystallisation were linked.

Lot Koopmans is now carrying out an MSc by research at St Andrews supevised by Will McCarthy and Adrian on analyses following this fieldwork.

The fieldwork was partly sponsored by the Mining Institute of Scotland Trust.

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