Leaky Magma Chambers, Fenites, and Rare Earths – a new paper out now in Geology

Kris’s paper has now come out in the journal Geology.

Sokó­ł K, Finch AA, Hutchison W, Cloutier J, Borst AM, Humphreys M (2022) Quantifying metasomatic HFSE-REE transport from alkaline magmas, Geology, 50, 305-310, doi.org/10.1130/G49471.1

This important new work was led by Krzysztof Sokół (Kris) as a first effort to quantify the volume of High Field Strength Elements and Rare Earths being flushed into the country rock around one of the lesser well-known alkaline intrusions of the Gardar Province: the Illerfissalik Complex, Greenland – or ‘Iggy Figgy’ – Ilimaussaq’s less evolved brother.

View across Naarsaarsuk beach from the syenites of Illerfissalik towards the country rocks in the West. Fluids from the magma chamber followed a similar route 1.18 Ga years ago.

Kris calculated that the total tonnage of HFSE oxides in this fenite zone is equivalent to that of world-class REE deposits, including #Kringlerne and #Kvanefjeld in the nearby Ilimaussaq complex. The loss of volatiles and metals may have prevented a similar ore deposit from forming at Illerfissalik, demonstrating the importance of fenitisation in the formation of igneous critical metal deposits.

The study was the subject of press releases by both the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences and the University of St Andrews.

It has been picked up several news streams including phys.org, mirage news and Mining News.

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