Rob Webster wins prestigious SEG and Mineralogical Society Awards

Masters by Research Student Rob Webster has been awarded the Graduate Student Fellowship from the Society of Economic Geologists. The award recognises excellence in postgraduate study in economic geology from around the world and is highly contested. In addition to the kudos of the award, Rob has received US$5k support to help with the living and fee expenses. He was recognised for his MSc by Research project “Multiple Sulfur Isotopes in Alkaline Magmatic Provinces and their Applications in Critical Metal Exploration” which is using sulfur isotopes to track surface sulfur through subduction in mineralised system and thereby to explore whether subduction is an essential precursor to high-field strength element fertilisation of the mantle. Rob has worked on the sulfur lines at St Andrews with colleagues Dr Eva Stüeken and Dr Nivea Magalhaes.

Rob (centre) with co-demonstrators Curtis Rooks (Left) and Maddie Shankle (Right) on the Mull Field Course

Not content with just one award, Rob was also awarded support from the Applied Mineralogy Group of the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland. This award covered some of the analytical expenses of the project and has invited a short report of his research in the AMG bulletin.

Congratulations Rob!

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