NERC Grant on Carbonate Partitioning funded

I am delighted that our recent NERC grant proposal "Trace element and isotope partitioning in carbonates in simulated biological environments" has been funded. The project is being led by Dr Nicola Allison along with colleagues at the Universities of York and Glasgow. We will be recruiting a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in the next few months.


Facility for the Luminescence of Minerals Opened in a new Purpose-built Luminescence Suite

Low temperature (20-300 K) thermoluminescence spectrum of Fluorite. The data are shown in a 3D format (left) and as a contour map (right). The sudden discontinuities seen horizontally in the right hand graph are thermoluminescence peaks. Such graphs allow us to probe the defect structure of minerals and understand more about how defect form and …

Adrian Finch’s Group joins the new Centre for Magnetic Resonance

Adrian Finch and his group have become a part of the St Andrews and Dundee Universities Centre for Magnetic Resonance, led by fellow mineralogist Professor Sharon Ashbrook. The Centre combines the knowledge of some of the world's leading experts in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) studying a variety of materials from …