I communicate my science and expertise via both outreach and commercial services to the exploration and minerals sector. Examples of my activities include:

  1. TV or Radio Interviews – on topical issues related to resources or volcanic processes.
  2. Submitting Evidence to Scottish, UK and European Government Policy Evidence calls.
  3. Professional Short Courses on topics as diverse as Critical Metal Ores, Exploration in Alkaline Igneous Systems and the Luminescence Properties of Minerals.
  4. Consultancy, meeting the needs of individual clients on a case-by-case basis involving mixtures of analytical work and site visits.
  5. School Outreach – often via the University Outreach Group GeoBus.
  6. GeoPark Management and Geological Heritage – particularly in the Lochaber GeoPark of which I am a director.
  7. Writing Discussion Pieces on Scientific Breakthroughs and Work.
Adrian talking on Critical Materials to an Invited group related to the European Critical Raw Materials Act in Brussels, 2022

Past Examples of Outreach include:

  1. Evidence to UK Government Committees on Critical Metals Resource Issues.
  2. Hosting discussion at Scotland House, Brussels, on issues of Sustainability around the European Critical Raw Materials Act.
  3. Presentation on the History of Arctic Exploration from Fife for the Polar Academy.
  4. Discussion piece in the Conversation about how sulfur isotopes allow us insights into global cycling.
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