These pages outline the luminescence instrumentation that I manage (and in some cases have built), particularly that in the St Andrews Facility for the Luminescence of Minerals. Instrumentation includes:

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  1. UV-Visible Spectrophotometry (Perkin Elmer 650 Lambda)
  2. Petrographic Cathodoluminescence (CITL Luminoscope V with a dedicated high sensitivity CCD camera). A manual for this is found here: CL Manual St Andrews.
  3. UV-excitation spectorscopy system (built in house)
  4. X-ray-, electron- and laser-excited luminescence spectroscopy from 20 K to 400 C (RLTLCL system, built in house)
  5. ns lifetime time-resolved photoluminescence (using a fixed 372 nm picosecond laser) (an Edinburgh Instruments Fluorolog 2 system)
  6. High temperature tube furnaces and mineral synthesis and treatment facilities.

In-house software for processing RLTLCL data for Windows can be uploaded here.

Advice on importing RLTLCL data into Origin is given here: Importing RLTLCL data into Origin 11 May 2015.