Research Group (The ‘A’-Team)


Will looking out over towards the inland ice, Motzfeldt, South Greenland

Dr Will Hutchison, funded by EU-funded HiTech AlkCarb consortium. Will’s research is quantifying the conditions and processes that take place in the roof zones of subvolcanic magma chambers. He is photographed here on top of 1610 m summit in Motzfeldt, South Greenland.

Anouk analysing lujavrite at Poços de Caldas, Brazil

Dr Anouk Borst, is a post-doctoral research fellow funded by NERC SoS RARE consortium. Her work is looking at hos the isotopes of lanthanide elements encode the geological history. She is also studying the structural state of lanthanide elements in common ore minerals.

Nicky distracted from analysing carbonate rocks.

Nicky Horsburgh, PhD studentship funded jointly by the NERC funded SoS RARE consortium and the University of St Andrews. Supervised jointly with Dr Jonathan Cloutier.

Kris Photo
Kris in his field area to the West of Igdlerfigsalik, looking at metasomatised sandstone.

Krzysztof Sokol, Iapetus (NERC funded) PhD student, jointly with Dr Jonathan Cloutier and Dr Madeleine Humphreys, University of Durham. CASE student with Greenland Rare Earth Projects Ltd.

Josh and Adrian at the Paatusoq complex, looking West towards the inland ice.

Joshua Hughes, Iapetus (NERC funded) PhD student based at University of Durham, jointly with Dr Madeleine Humphreys.


Past Postdocs and PhD Students

Kathryn at Syenitknold, part of the Younger Giant Dyke Complex, South Greenland in 1995

Dr Kathryn Goodenough (1997) NERC funded PhD Edinburgh University, jointly with Professor Brian Upton and Professor Ian Parsons. Now Principal Researcher at the British Geological Survey, Edinburgh.

Andrew Hobbs MPhil (1999) MPhil, University of Hertfordshire.

Dr Suzanne Grogan (2004) Joint supervision with Dr John Reavy, University College Cork, Ireland.


Dr Laura Foster (2007) PhD St Andrews, jointly supervised with Dr Nicola Allison. Now Postdoctoral research fellow in climate change at the University of Bristol.

Johannes climbing up to the green lujavrite of Motzfeldt, 2007

Dr Johannes Schonenberger (2008) PhD University of Tubingen, German, jointly supervised with Professor Gregor Markl. Now Principal Geologist at Statoil, Trondheim, Norway.


Henrik looking for rare minerals, Ilimaussaq, South Greenland


Prof Henrik Friis (2009) PhD St Andrews, jointly supervised with Dr Colin Donaldson and Dr Terry Williams (Natural History Museum, London). Now Associate Professor of Mineralogy, University of Oslo, Norway.

Jamie taking a break on Motzfeldt, South Greenland, 2007

Dr Jamie McCreath (2009) PhD St Andrews, jointly supervised with Dr Colin Donaldson. Previously exploration geologist; now consultant in renewable energy.

Anil with his family at St Andrews graduation, 2010

Dr Anil Chamara Jayasundera (2010) EPSRC funded PhD St Andrews, jointly supervised with Professor Phil LIghtfoot. Now Senior Lecturer in materials chemistry, University of Peradeniya, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Christine during her visit to St Andrews, 2010

Christine Wendler MSc (2011) MSc by research, Technical University of Freiberg (jointly with Professor Jens Gotze).

Georgina doing sampling in Norway, 2009

Dr Georgina King (2011) NERC funded PhD St Andrews, jointly supervised with Dr Ruth Robinson. Now: Personal research fellow, University of Bern, Switzerland.

Richard (far right) at his graduation at St Andrews, 2013

Prof Richard Taylor (2013) (right) STFC PhD St Andrews, jointly supervised with Dr Colin Donaldson and Professor Fred Mosselmans (Diamond Light Source). Now Professor of Gemmology, China University of Geosciences Wuhan, China, and consultant in gemmology.

Helen looking down over Motzfeldt So, 2001

Dr Helen Salmon (2013) PhD Birkbeck College, University of London, jointly supervised with Professor Hilary Downes. Now exploration consultant and director of her own exploration company.

Rob preparing samples for As and Cr synchrotron studies, 2012

Dr Rob Campbell (2014) PhD St Andrews, jointly supervised with Dr Ed Stephens.

Emma during fieldwork in the Kringlerne area, South Greenland 2013

Dr Emma Hunt (2015) NERC funded PhD St Andrews, jointly supervised with Dr Colin Donaldson. Now postdoctoral research fellow in magma chamber dynamics at University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.